Balcony Storage Ideas to Add Fun & Functionality to Your Outdoor Space

With real estate getting increasingly expensive every passing day, finding apartments or condos with spacious balconies is becoming difficult. You need creative balcony storage solutions to make the most of your space. Whether you’re looking to store books, display outdoor furniture and plants, or create a functional laundry space – we’ve got you covered! So let’s dive right in.

1. Balcony Storage Cabinet
The easiest way to maximise your space is through a balcony storage cabinet. Check out this bright yellow storage cabinet with shutters and drawers. Its vibrant colour lends freshness and a feel-good ambience to the outdoor space. You can use the space above the cabinet to display decor items and the insides to keep delicate items like crockery, glasses, wine bottles, etc, safe.


2. Floating Wall Shelves Instead Of A Balcony Storage Unit
If a balcony storage cabinet is not enough and you’re looking to add more storage, these wall-mount shelves are a huge saviour. They can be installed in the smallest spaces and utilised in various ways. As you can see in this image, the wall shelves can be used to stack your favourite books, display your artwork, or hold scented candles and souvenirs from your travels.

3. Hidden Storage Bench Replace Outdoor Balcony Storage
The most versatile balcony furniture with storage is a bench. Not only does it offer seating space, but it also offers hidden storage underneath to help keep the area uncluttered. Use it to store cleaning essentials, gardening tools, outdoor cushions, or barbecue accessories. Everything you need will be right at your fingertips, making outdoor activities like gardening or hosting barbeque parties more convenient.

4. Open Storage For Balcony
One of the best apartment balcony transformation ideas is to turn it into a laundry space. You can create a functional laundry space even on a tiny balcony and free up space inside the house. Check out this compact area with a washing machine and ample open-box shelves to store cleaning supplies. You can use the hanging space and the shelves to hang or stack washed clothes neatly.

5. Balcony Shoe Rack
A covered shoe rack is an excellent waterproof balcony storage solution that helps keep your shoes safe and your home tidy. Add a tall, narrow one to the area to fit in a corner or against a wall without taking up too much room. Check out how this mustard shoe rack makes the small balcony come alive!

6. Outdoor Coffee Table
Looking for an innovative dry balcony storage option? Then this coffee table with bright yellow ottomans is a must-have! It transforms your compact outdoor space into a stylish seating space for four. Push the ottomans under the coffee table when not in use to effortlessly free up floor space. The best part? These ottomans have hidden storage space that helps keep your home neat and well-kept.

7. Plant Organizer For Balcony
If you’re a plant lover, this plant organiser can be a wonderful addition to your outdoor space. This multi-layer stand maximises the number of plants you can grow in a limited space. It utilises the vertical space to display a variety of plants without sacrificing valuable floor room. Fill it with succulents, flowering plants, creepers and more to create a green corner.


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